Our Cabins

MotMot Cabin






Located in San Rafael de Santa Cruz, our rustic cabins have spectacular views of the Turrialba valley and surrounding mountains. We are also visited by many hummingbirds and other tropical species.  We are 1475 meters (4839 feet) above sea level, where the weather is always comfortable.  The temperature ranges from 20 centigrade (70 F) to 31 centigrade (88 F) typically.


The Property

Kiddie Pool






Our grounds are well manicured with plenty of things to do!  We have two pools, great birdwatching, picnic areas and spectacular views.  Have a soccer game with the family and barbecue on our grills! Our weather is also much cooler than Turrialba.

The Area







Enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica by taking some local excursions!  Or take a stroll through Turrialba town, where every weekend there is an organic farmer’s market taking place.  Mountain biking is popular here as well and riding through CATIE is a great way to see the botanical gardens.